Karoo Farms:

Holidays with a difference, every time a new experience...

The perception still exists amongst many that the Karoo is an arid, lifeless semi-desert which you have to drive through as fast as you can.

For many holiday makers, farm holidays are becoming more and more popular and are slowly replacing the traditional holidays by the sea.

The Outback of South Africa has more to offer than most holiday makers realise, because there is always something to everybody's liking. Whether it is star-gazing, rock paintings, fossil hunting, historical graves or hiking, to name but a few, it is there to be enjoyed by both young and old.

What does the Karoo have to offer?

  • relaxation away from the crowds of the traditional holiday resorts;
  • peace and tranquility;
  • an escape from the normal daily routines;
  • a holiday with a unique lifestyle;
  • an adventure of many discoveries;
  • an educational journey;
  • hunting opportunities, 4 X 4 routes, hiking trails & mountain biking

The climate

The healthy climate of the Karoo can be described as moderate to extreme - always pleasant, in winter and in summer. In winter the mornings are cold and the days warm, whereas in summer the mornings are cool to warm and the days hot. It is suitable for holidays all year round, especially out of hunting season from September to May. The rainfall season stretches from December to April.

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Last update: 12 November 2004